Tentative Meeting Schedule for CIS 120 Attleboro Fall 2017

Given that this course is a hybrid and not a lecture, by design, we are not required to meet in person each week. However, I do want to be sure that I provided you with the opportunity to get the support you may need in a classroom/face-to-face setting. Below is a tentative schedule that will be updated as needed.

September 5 - In Class Meeting
September 12 - In Class Meeting
September 19 - Distance Learning

September 26 - In Class Meeting Distance Learning

October 3 - Distance Learning In Class Meeting
October 10 - Distance Learning (Monday Schedule)
October 17 - In Class Meeting
October 24 -  In Class Meeting
October 31 -  Distance Learning

November 7 - Distance Learning
November 14 - In Class Meeting
November 21 - Distance Learning
November 28 - In Class Meeting

December 5 - Distance Learning
December 12 - In Class Meeting
December 19 - Final Exam Due

If a distance learning class has been scheduled and you are having difficulty, contact me right away to request an online help session. If you have any feedback, questions, comments, suggestions, etc. about the schedule, please let me know.